The Iron Horses formed in early 2015 after numerous late night, boozy jamming sessions. With great enthusiasm for cheap bourbon and nothing but time to kill on a Friday night. After a few weeks, a group of songs began to emerge. These songs were the first footsteps towards their debut EP release ‘STOP TO START’. 

Duncan (lead vocal/guitar), Ciaran (backing vocals/lead guitar), Raul (bass) and Peter (drums)

"There was no shortage of ideas and songs almost seemed to write themselves." After months of gigging all of Sydney's bars, the boys had accumulated enough money to completely fund their debut EP. 

The energy that hits you is immediately captivating and none of this is by chance. With almost two albums worth of balls out rock and roll already written the hardest part was deciding which ones made the cut for the Stop To Start EP. 

The live show is a hard hitting, guitar slamming, melodic, rock and roll spectacle.