After Alfie’s incredible performance of his brand new single ‘If They Only Knew’ on The Voice Australia on Sunday night, today Alfie is thrilled to announce his LIVE AND INTIMATE tour this September and October.

With this song you need to commit, because it really builds to a conclusion, so if you’re not in it from the beginning, you’ll miss the whole point of the song – Alfie Arcuri 

Inspired by the unguarded honesty of artists like Daniel Merriweather, Adele and Sam Smith, Alfie Arcuri has channeled a defining experience into a powerful statement of acceptance. His very first single where he was involved in the entire writing process, the result is a soaring anthem called If They Only Knew – listen here

For 29-year-old Alfie Arcuri storytelling is the most powerful form of expression. ‘I never intended ‘If They Only Knew’ to be a single, but it ended up affecting me the most. When you feel heartbreak for the very first time, it’s the most extreme emotion, other than being in love. I can’t explain how it makes me feel that I’ve written it and hopefully people will connect to it the way I have,” says Arcuri. Alfie has never gone into a song-writing session to write a hit. It has always been about having to tell his story. 

After spending the last year collaborating with songwriters both locally and in the US, he has tapped into a surprising and vulnerable space. “I grew up in the closet and as a teenager I never thought I’d ever have a relationship. I only came out five years ago but as soon as that happened, I found love almost instantly. However, that relationship was misunderstood by my partner’s parents, because they didn’t accept or understand it, and so we were forced to break up. What we experienced was so beautiful, and if they only knew how innocent and pure it was, we might still be together.”

With Alfie’s upcoming tour will see him showcasing his stories and original music in an intimate setting, these shows are not to be missed!