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E for Echo + Suiix + Tinsmith + Goodnight Japan

Not Like You is the first single released by Sydney 5-piece: E for Echo. Floating atop atmospheric guitars, agile rhythms, dark motifs and 80’s synths are the sweet yet commanding vocals, of frontwomen Jenna Murphy and Zana Rose.

Their voices form syncopated rhythms before compounding into luscious, eerie harmony. The guitars lay beds of dreamy textures, interplaying with driving bass and flickering electronica. Their music is a mix of romantic melancholy and nocturnal angst.

E for Echo originally grew from collaborations between Murphy and Rose, and in 2016 they gave themselves the next logical push; straight into the warm embrace of a full band. The group are now gaining a wide audience and stellar reputation for their dynamic and engaging live shows, with the upcoming studio releases set to bring the band some well deserved attention.

Reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club, Warpaint, Asgeir, and War on Drugs, E for Echo’s sound is awash with dream-pop harmonious soundscapes that dip deep below the surface into dark and expansive intensity.

The Sydney 5-piece is made up of Zana Rose (vox, electric piano, synths), Jenna Murphy (vox/electric guitar), Adrian Leighton (lead guitar), James McKenna (bass guitar), and Marc Watson (beats & samples).

Not Like You is their first single. Their debut EP is due for release in late 2017.