Elton – Out Of The Closet®

Jason Paris is a busy man these days...

Paris developed his Elton – Out Of The Closet® over a period of three years. The show is a music-theatre spectacular that recreates Elton John in his golden period of the mid-70s, paying homage to the flamboyant star’s signature costumes, instruments, assemblage of classic band members (Davey Johnstone on guitar, Nigel Olsson on drums, and Dee Murray on bass), and much more, in addition to recreating John’s monologues, mannerisms and tantrums on stage. 

“Elton – Out Of The Closet® is the finest and most authentic Elton John tribute on Earth,” said Paris, who conceived, funded, produced and directed the show - and plays Elton.

Inspired by the world’s great tribute shows, Paris set out to recreate the Elton experience in all its 1970s glory. To make the show more authentic, Paris had a grand piano shell custom made, reproduced Nigel Olsson’s beautiful 1974 drum-kit, and acquired the iconic guitars and other exotic instruments that feature on the classic recordings.
“It’s been a real labour of love, working through all the challenges of finding top costumiers, instrument manufacturers, graphic designers etc.,” Paris said. “ForElton – Out Of The Closet® to occupy the same space as the world’s greatest tribute shows means having a world-class attitude and attention to detail, which all our cast members possess.”