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Carus Thompson + NATHAN GAUNT

Australian songwriter and accomplished storyteller Carus Thompson releases “Crash Land”, the third single off his new album ISLAND. 

Telling engaging stories through song, Thompson has weaved a particularly Australian tale on ISLAND, delivering an album that depicts this country as he sees it today. 

There are songs that deal with issues such as refugees, isolation & Ice, but also there is “Crash Land”, a moving and uplifting tribute to one of this country’s, indeed the world’s greatest rock’n’roll front men: Bon Scott.

The central character in the song’s narrative is actually one of Thompson’s close friends: Howie Johnstone. 

Johnstone grew up in Fremantle around Bon, playing a similar rock circuit with his genre defining pub-punk band Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs. “Crash Land” sees Thompson trying to put the “essence of Bon” as told by Johnstone, someone who knew him, into song. 

The eagerly awaited ISLAND is Thompsons’ first record in over 5 years and it has been incredibly well received by critics and fans alike.  

Previous single “Lies” was added to daily rotation on national broadcaster Double J, as well as being play listed on all Local ABC Stations countrywide.  

Highly respected reviewer Jeff Jenkins stated “this is quality song writing” and the plaudits continued with the song “Beach Fires” shortlisted in the International Song writing Competition and then nominated for a WAM Song Of the Year. 

 “Crash Land” should continue to build momentum for ISLAND, a record FORTE magazine described as “a welcome return from Australia’s answer to Springsteen”

Fellow West Australian Nathan Gaunt opens the show, in support of his latest single “Pain Killers”. 

 Nathan is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter in his own right, one of the most incredible guitarists and singers you’ll ever come across.

Don’t miss this very special night of acoustic music. 


Carus Thompson


Nathan Gaunt