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They're BAA-AAACK!!! Flouting all medical and legal sanctions, the Strange Bedfellows have fled the nuthouse and escaped to the asylum that only centre stage can offer!

Underfunded and over-lubricated, opera's redheaded stepchildren are in search of redemption in this lithium-laced musical spectacle that is part blood sport, part intervention order. The Beddies take off the silencers and shoot from the lip, seeking answers to life's burning questions: CAN you teach an old dog new tricks? How do you remove a tracking device? Is insanity their best defence?


Catch the carnage as these staggering time-bombs dish out unsupervised shock therapy, with Court-Appointed MD Daryl "Daggers" Wallis on keyboard. 

This just might be the most defiant showbiz comeback since Jesus rolled the rock!!!