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Rufflefeather + Ha the Unclear (NZ) + Bones Atlas + Sundown State



Rufflefeather are a four-piece Psych rock band from Sydney.  Their sound is like a conversation - deep into a bender - that fluctuates between cosmic profundity and low brow profanity.  Enthralling, intimate...and just downright raucous. 



Ha the Unclear

Ha the Unclear blend off-kilter, hook driven guitar pop with slap-you-in-the-face lyrics.  The band's knack for creating thoughtful, mind-bending stories has been acclaimed by BBCIntroducing ('absolutely bonkers') and Entertainment Weekly ('fascinatingly odd'). Lyrics include a love song from the perspective of a coffee table, astronauts tapped in orbit, and a breakup via an apartment intercom.  The band compacts these though nuggets into energetic, skewed pop songs and a spirited live show.


Earlier Event: September 15
Later Event: September 17
James Bennett (Album Launch)