Sailing on a raft made of 60s guitars, 80s synthesisers and a crate of island souvenir-junk percussion come the castaways of Rufino and the Coconuts. Rufino, crooner and violinist, renowned for his work with Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, brings his sensational solo show of tropical-noir to Leadbelly with a full 8-piece band to stir your very bones. The Coconuts tell tales of jungle misadventures, Caribbean dentists, cray fishing and near-death-love-encounters all delivered with a bone rattling backbeat. 

They groove, they rock-steady, they spread good time topical fun and then they yell and run from the evil spirit Baron Saoedi.    

Led by Rufino the Catalan Casanova - a tropical misfit, well-dressed in a strange land – The Coconuts take you on a journey both dark and joyful. With flashes of Voodou, rocksteady, 80s post-punk and smooth jungle disco, Rufino and the Coconuts is the band of your exotic island dreams and, perhaps, your most vivid jungle nightmare! So join the expedition. With Rufino and the Coconuts at the lead it’s an adventure we know you’ll just love.