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The Soul Movers are thrilled to officially launch their new album 'Testify!'. 

A spectrum of modern soul with flavours of retro R&B, folk rock and pop are presented with full-bodied flavour, complimented by well-known guest artists such as The Go Betweens' Amanda Brown and Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek. 

TheSoul Movers' sound has further evolved from their first album to include responses to the world around them in terms of the questions and pressures we face living our lives in this modern world. 'Rise Up' is a call to action and features Indigenous artists on traditional instruments blended with a 70's soul feel. 'Poison Swamp Blues' introduces an element of hillbilly mayhem as it questions the madness of the lives we live and the price tag they now come with. 

So join The Soul Movers, and their special guests, for a fun night of powerful, evocative and most of all soul-moving songs; you'll be sure to leave with a full heart and a very passionate chunk of black vinyl under your arm.