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Kardajala Kirridarra

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Kardajala Kirridarra is the groundbreaking collective formed by lead songwriter/vocalist Eleanor Dixon and Melbourne producer/multi-instrumentalist Beatrice Lewis (Beatrice/Haiku Hands). They are also joined by translator, story-teller, poet, & Eleanor’s aunt Janey Dixon, and rapper MC Kayla Jackson.

“Kardajala Kirridarra are very truly artists of Australia, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to hear what they have to say.” – Purple Sneakers, 2017

Translating to ‘Sandhill Women’, Kardajala Kirridarra is the name of the mysterious bush women from the sand hills behind the remote community of Marlinja, Northern Territory, and their debut album tells the stories of the earth and women’s roles in carrying the earth’s energy. Their album combines traditional soundscapes of Indigenous Australia (instrumental seed pods, thunderstorms, clap sticks) with ambient electronics and production.

“Desert and digital combine on vibrant debut… we have an uplifting fusion of Indigenous rhythms (seed pods, clap sticks, and so on) with woozy electronica occasionally reminiscent of Azure Ray or Mazzy Star.. 4 Stars”– Rolling Stone

In their short time in the industry, Kardajala have performed at BIGSOUND, Golden Plains Festival, Wide Open Spaces, Barunga Festival, and were the first all female band to play Bush Bands Bash. They also won MusicNT’s 2017 Folk Song of the Year, won hhhhappy’s ‘Needle in The Hay’ vinyl competition, and earned album of the week at no less than 9 radio stations, and have been announced to play Sugar Mountain and MOFO festivals in early 2018.

An amazing chance to catch “one of those rare acts that come along once in a generation” (Purple Sneakers), Kardajala Kirridarra will headline their first shows in Sydney and Melbourne this January.